Source: Gov. Baker picked to serve on Trump’s commission to address opioid crisis

BOSTON (WHDH) - Governor Charlie Baker has been picked to serve on the president’s commission to address the opioid crisis, an administration source has confirmed to 7’s Sharman Sacchetti.

The panel will be headed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a longtime political ally of Gov. Baker.

Gov. Christie met with President Trump for the Drug and Opioid Abuse Session at the White House, Wednesday.

“I’m just so honored that the president has asked me to take on this task with the group that we’ve put together, and I’m thrilled to work with the attorney general as well,” said Gov. Christie, at the Drug and Opioid Abuse Session.

He’s expected to lead the commission, which will work alongside state and local governments to find the best way to deal with the opioid abuse epidemic. It’s something the Trump administration is calling a priority.

Gov. Baker championed groundbreaking legislation in Massachusetts, which focuses on curbing the number of opioid prescriptions, and putting more money toward treatment and prevention.

Gov. Baker’s association with Gov. Christie goes back years. Gov. Christie attended Gov. Baker’s inauguration, and Gov. Baker endorsed Gov. Christie in his bid for the presidency, last year.

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