BOSTON (WHDH) - A group of kids in South Boston who formed a special bond with their UPS delivery man gave him a sweet surprise on Thursday.

Lisa Kennedy says over the past few months, the families in her neighborhood have grown close to UPS driver Kevin Lounsbury.

They sought out to bring a smile to Lounsbury’s face by dressing up their children and even a pet dog as UPS delivery workers.

“My 2-year-old daughter thinks that all UPS drivers are Kevin, so every time she sees a UPS car on the road she’ll start screaming ‘there’s Kevin, there’s Kevin,'” South Boston parent Heather Cosgrove said.

“Every single time he’d come down the street – the kids have been cooped up inside all day – he’d just give a little toot on the horn and it just brought excitement to all the kids’ days,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy took to Facebook to share the photo and wrote, “Of course he brings us all our essentials, but he also brings so much joy and excitement to these little faces.

“He greets us every night with a beep and smile. Tonight we wanted to show Kevin how much he means to us all.”

The children sprinted toward Lounsbury upon seeing him and he broke out into a smile, saying, “This is so awesome!”

They then posed for pictures in front of Lounsbury’s truck.

“He knows how much we love him but I think just making that extra effort really just touched him and made him realize how much of an impact he’s made on all the kids and all of us during all this time,” Kennedy said.

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