PLYMOUTH, Mass. (WHDH) — Still reeling from last week's blizzard, the South Shore geared up for round two of winter weather.

“Ready to tackle it? Sure am, geared up and ready to go,” said Jim Loesher, a Plymouth plow driver.

Nearly 30 plows were expected on the roadways in Plymouth alone – a long night and an early morning for plow drivers as the storm passes thru.

“No, we won’t get any sleep tonight, maybe tomorrow, depending on what we get,” said Scott Gallagher, a Plymouth plow driver.

Which could be a lot – the South Shore and the Cape could get hit hardest. Kellene Gallager lost power for days at the height of the blizzard and there's still plenty of clean-up work to be done.

“The whole street was completely flooded, lost half the beach,” said Gallagher.

Piles of debris washed up onto her front yard, she's got the generator on standby, and plenty of gas, just in case.

“Hopefully we'll get 6-8 inches – but you never know,” said Gallagher.

The threat of snow, adding insult to injury for some, Bob Crowley may get stuck with extra company.

“I’ve got a friend staying with me who wants to get off the Cape tomorrow but right now it doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere,” said Crowley.

Homeowners were ready and confident they can handle whatever Mother Nature throws their way.

After last week's historic blizzard one resident said Saturday’s snowfall would be a “piece of cake”.

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