South Shore soccer team keeps in practice with virtual passes

As a local soccer team tries to manage practice while socially distancing themselves from each other, they’re still able to juggle the ball online.

The eighth and ninth graders on a South Shore soccer club were supposed to be in Virginia for a tournament last weekend, but that was postponed because of the coronavirus — as have any group practices.

“We’d done a lot of stuff to kind of prepare for the tournament and stuff and we were all kind of excited for it,” said player Beth Yucius.

“It’s been hard because we don’t get to see each other and practice together,” said player Liza Palazesi.

But when Yucius’ younger sister showed her a video of her team “passing” a soccer ball virtually, Beth began kicking the idea around. And Liza’s mother stepped in to help as well.

“I reached out to all the parents and players asked everyone to send short video clip,” Diane Palazesi said.

The video shows the team “passing” the ball, receiving it from and kicking it off screen to the next person. Players said even though they can’t play together, the video has brought them closer.

“Making that video got us even more connected, because we talked to each other even more,” said Allyson Carey. “Not being able to see each other is hard but making that video makes us virtually connected.”

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