Special needs football player scores first touchdown of the night

PARLIER, CALIFORNIA (NBC) — A touching moment from a high school football game in California had both teams cheering.

The game between Parlier high school and Riverdale started out like any other game.

But number 12, Justo Bustos, returned the kickoff for Parlier High’s first touchdown of the night.

Bustos, now a senior, has cerebral palsy, and running the length of a football field is no easy task.

For four yeas he has served as honorary team captain and inspirational speaker.

“Remember this moment,” said Busto’s, “cause our senior year is never gonna happen again.”

Four years ago the opponent, Riverdale, asked Parlier if they would let one of their special players score during a game.

Last Friday night, Parlier asked Riverdale to return the favor.