Class Act: honest sportsmanship

Our last Class Act of the season is a great story of honest sportsmanship.

It takes place on Cape Cod, where one girl’s softball team stuck to their guns, and told the umpire he was wrong, which lead the other team to earn a run.

South Shore champs, Monomoy Girl’s Varsity Softball team had a great season when they went 16 and 4.

That’s not why they’re class acts. It’s what they did during a game against their rivals which stunned many.

Last month, Monomoy was playing against Mashpee, a game with play-off implications. It was a slugfest.

Late in the game, Monomoy was leading by two runs, a Mashpee player hit a long ball deep. The home plate empire, Chas Crawford, who’s been officiating fore more than 50 years, ruled it a ground-rule double.

“I thought I saw the ball bounce and hop over the fence. And since, I stopped the runner on the way home, and sent her back to second base,” said Crawford.

Players on Monomoy saw something different.

“It was one of those hits that came off the bat and you just knew it was gonna be a big hit, so I just saw it go over the fence, and yeah,” said sophomore outfielder, Abby Sullivan.

So they told the umpire what they saw.

“THey call me out and they say, Mr. Umpire, in fairness, that should be a homerun. We saw the ball go over the fence,” said Crawford.

With the correct ruling, Monomoy now only lead by one run.

“Honestly as a team when we did it, this is the right ting to do, this is what we have to do, we didn’t actually think anything of it,” said player Cassie Hall.

Monomoy held on to win, and their honesty paid off.

“I was proud of them, I didn’t really think twice of it because I knew they’d be honest, and they’re just great kids,” said their coach, Stacy Yarnall.

Next year, the softball program will play in the Cape & Islands league as well.



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