Class Act: Stitching for cancer patients

WINCHESTER, MASS. (WHDH) - Along with her singing skills, Winchester High School senior, Hannah McCurry has a talent for crochet.

Last summer, Hannah went above and beyond when she produced over 150 hats for cancer patients.

“I know that many cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy and have to lose their hair, they can be uncomfortable with their appearance, um, I know that’s a very common feeling to have. And, it just gives them something to cover their head,” said Hannah.

Hannah got the idea when her cousin, Gina, was diagnosed with Leukemia and lost her hair. Gina is now cancer free, but Hannah always thought of other kids who had tough battles to fight.

“While making each hat I thought of who would be wearing this hat, and where it will go, um if it would go to girl or a boy or what age. Um, so I definitely thought about that a lot,” said Hannah.

Hannah first wanted to make 100 hats, but her mom, Diana thought that was way too many.

With the help of several volunteers and donated yarn from Another Yarn store in Winchester, Hannah exceeded all expectations and was able to donate 157 crocheted hats to Yale New Haven Hospital.

Hannah says she’s not done stitching and plans on making more hats for cancer patients this summer, and will continue as long as she can, even while in college.


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