Made in Mass: Horseshoes


If you have ever played horseshoes, there is a good chance you tossed one made at St. Pierre Manufacturing in Worcester.

“We’re pretty much the only company left in the United States that makes these on a large scale – everything else is made in China,” said Peter St. Pierre, the company’s owner.

St. Pierre is a family business that was founded in 1920. The factory floor sits on top of the old family farm.

The company started as a tire chain business, which it still makes, but now it’s the number one producer of pitching horseshoes in the country.

“We definitely have some pride. It’s something we’ve always grown up with,” said St. Pierre.
St. Pierre admits his skill set is limited to the business side.

“Just because my name is on the horseshoe, doesn’t mean I’m a pro,” said St. Pierre.

The forging process starts with 24″ steel rods which get superheated to 2,300 degrees, than bent into a “U” and pressed into its final shape. From steel rod to horseshoe, the whole process takes about 45 seconds.

St. Pierre has about 40 employees, most have been around for a while.

“There is a handful of people who have worked for us more than 20 years,” said St. Pierre.
The company has a rich history and some famous friends. Former Presidents George H. W. Bush and Harry Truman are big fans.

During World War II, St. Pierre forged aircraft and firearm parts, as well as anchor chain for ships. The company received the Navy “E” for Excellence award for its part in the war effort

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