Solve It 7: Airline Money

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WHDH) — Joanie Jennings and her husband have been busy lately renovating their Attleboro home. So when the couple needed a break from all the hard work, they decided to book a special trip:

“This is my son, Patrick, and my grandson, Fox,” Joanie says.

They live in Germany. So this past March, Joanie and her husband boarded an Aer Lingus flight bound for Berlin for a 10-day vacation to see their loved ones. During their stay, they got an offer from the airline.

“I recieved an email from Aer Lingus stating that they were looking for passengers to switch flights because the return flight had some mechanical issues and they replaced it with a smaller plane,” says Joanie

Joanie tells 7News Aer Lingus was offering $300 per person for anyone willing to make the change.

“I asked my husband,” she says, “and he said sure, we were ready to fly.”

The Jennings cut their trip short to take advantage of the offer because they could use the $600 toward another visit to see their family. Everything went as planned but after a month went by, Joanie realized she never received the $600 check she was promised, so she contacted the airline.

“So that’s when they gave me a case number and they decided to look into it,” says Joanie.

Joanie received a letter from Aer Lingus confirming she was owed the money. But she says months went by, and still no check.

“So thats when I decided to contact Solve It 7,” says Joanie.

We reached out to Aer Lingus’ customer relations team in Dublin, Ireland and explained Joanie’s problem. The representative asked for the Jennings’ information and said they would look into it. And it wasn’t long before Joanie saw results.

“They apolgized it had gone this far and that they would be in contact with me shortly and then I received the check like the next day or two days after,” Joanie tells 7News.

The $600 she’d been waiting for!

Joanie says the airline representative told her that they had sent the check a month earlier but the Jennings’ never received it. So after we contacted Aer Lingus, they reissued the check .

“Oh! Solve It 7 did it for me,” Joanie laughed.

Joanie tells us she’s already looking to book her next flight to Germany on Aer Lingus.

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