Solve It 7: Arcade prize

BOSTON (WHDH) - Forget about shopping. When Colton Provost goes to the mall, it’s all about fun and games!

“The game room is just a place where there’s a bunch of fun things you can play,” he says.

This past December, Colton stopped by the arcade to play some games and through the flashing lights, a special prize caught his eye. “The Xbox one. I’ve been waiting for that for a while. That was my dream,” he recalls.

That coveted console was up for grabs inside one of the skill games. Colton had to try and cut the cord that was holding it. He says it took him a couple of tries, but with the precision of a surgeon, this determined young man severed the string. He couldn’t believe it!

His mother spotted him jumping up and down for joy.

“He ran up screaming over and over, ‘I did it! I did it!’ So we went over. When we saw it there, I couldn’t believe it,” says Celeste Provost.

But there was a problem. The Xbox box was too big to fit through the prize slot! Provost tried calling the number on the machine. No one answered.

“The security guard came over,” she explained. “He took all our information, took pictures and said if you don’t get anywhere with the company, call us back.”

Colton and his mom left the mall without his pricey prize. The following week, Provost says she called the company to claim their game system.

“I spoke to someone, and they said someone already tried to claim that,” she says.

Shocked at what she was hearing, Provost asked to speak to a manager. She says he told her they would look into the situation and call her back. Provost says he never did.

“I called back,” she says. “They told me he wasn’t in the office. Or that he was at the bank.”

Colton thought it was ‘game over’. “I’m like, that thing is gone,” he sighed. “I’m not going to be able to get it.”

But mom wasn’t giving up. “I wondered, how many other kids have they done this to? So I emailed Solve It 7,” she says.

We called the company that owns the rope game and told them about Colton’s video game drama. They initially told us someone had already claimed the prize. We reached out to the mall and its parent company to get more information. Then we called the game company again – this time the representative told us that Colton would be getting his Xbox One!

“I saw it, and I was awed. My jaw just dropped and I started screaming,” he laughs. “Thank you Solve It 7 for making my life awesome!”

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