Solve It 7: Car wash problems

Life can get busy sometimes especially when you’re trying to keep up with twin 3-year-old boys. Between his job as a Worcester firefighter, and his double daddy duties, Dan Leslie also finds time to be a hero husband.

So when his wife’s dirty SUV was in desperate need of a little TLC, he took it over to the local car wash. Dan Leslie says, “I’ve been through it a hundred times before and it never had a problem.”

Dan drove inside and the automated system started pushing him through. Problem is, it didn’t stop.

“I thought the door at the end was going to open eventually,” Dan continues. “And it didn’t, and it pushed me right through the door.”

The door at the end of the car wash tunnel didn’t open like it was supposed to, pushing the SUV right through it.

Dan says, “I saw scratches on the door, going up over the roof, the roof bars, a little on the back. Pretty deep, pretty deep scratches.”

He went inside and told the manager what happened and says they agreed to pay for the damage. Dan got an estimate, then took the SUV to a body shop to get it fixed.

“They said it would be about a week to get it done with. And I would need a rental car,” Dan says.

He reached out to the manager again, this time about covering the cost of the rental.

“He said no problem, send me the bill, and I’ll reimburse you for that payment.”

Once the repairs were made, Dan drove over to the car wash and dropped the bill for his rental reimbursement and the manager confirmed that he received it. The repairs were great. Everything looked as it was before the accident. The company paid for the repairs but Dan was still waiting for the $281.00 he paid for the rental.

He emailed the manager again, who assured him he would take care of it that week. But Dan never got the check and says the manager stopped responding.

“I have a chain of emails saying he would, he would do it. And I figured you guys could get me my money,” says Dan. That’s when he contacted Solve it 7 and we went to our legal expert Bob Harnais

“As soon as that email was sent, they agreed to pay it. A contract was formed,” says Harnais.

We called Nouria Energy, which owns the car wash. The company’s chief operating officer told us he was unaware of Dan’s problem but promised us he would look into it. A few days later…

“They got in touch with me, and were very sorry, and got me my check very promptly.” Dan received what he’d been waiting for. “Two-hundred and eighty-one dollars and thirty-one cents,” says Dan. The check to cover the cost of the rental car.

“Thank you Solve it 7. You got me money back, when I couldn’t get it on my own.”

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