Solve it 7: Diamond Dilemma

A Canton couple ran into problems over a ring bought on the open seas.

The ring was supposed to commemorate the trip of a lifetime, but with nowhere to get it fixed, they called Solve it 7.

It was a trip the Spiegelmans will remember forever.

“The beaches and the rocks, everything was gorgeous,” said David.

They set sail on a cruise to the island of Bermuda.

“It was fun. It was a lot of fun,” said Michele Spiegelman.

While soaking in the sunshine and scenery, David decided to buy his wife a special gift to commemorate their trip, and he found the perfect ring at Diamonds International.

“There were five stones around the same size, and it kind of went around the bands,” Michele said. “It was just really pretty.”

“I like seeing her smile,” David said. “She doesn’t ask much, and I wanted to do it. I wanted it to be perfect.”

Michele was told that the ring had to be resized and would be brought back onboard before they left port.

But when she received it, the ring looked a little different.

“The two stones on the end looked either smaller or something happened,” Michele said. “It didn’t look like the setting was right.”

Following their trouble at sea, the Spiegelmans got home and started calling the company. Michele said she was told she would have to send the ring back for an evaluation.

But after about a week of back-and-forth with the company, she said she decided to just return it.

“I felt kind of defeated,” she said.

Michele said she was told by the cruise line if she wasn’t completely satisfied, she could get a full refund for a ring, but now, the company was telling her the best they could do was offer her a partial refund and remake the original ring.

She reached out to Solve it 7.

We contacted the company representative, who told us they were going to look into the situation right away. Soon after, Michele got an email from Diamonds International director of brand satisfaction.

“He apologized that it took so long,” she said.

He approved a full refund and sent her a $500 gift card for her trouble.

“She called me, and I was shocked,” David said. “That is awesome”

The Spiegelmans say they’re grateful to have the issue resolved, and David has already bought his wife another ring.

Experts recommend you read the terms of whenever making a big purchase, especially if you’re making a purchase overseas.

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