Solve It 7: Fed Up & Frozen Out

BOSTON (WHDH) - When her 25-year-old refrigerator finally called it quits, Lorry Connolly went to work trying to find an equally reliable replacement.

She found a good deal on a new Frigidaire, but within months, Lorry noticed a problem. She says her icebox was a bit TOO icy.

“There was frost buildup on the inside; it was dripping down from the ceiling and there were icicles forming!” she says.

Lorry called Frigidaire and they immediately sent out a technician.

“The first guy came out and he said that the door needed to be replaced and the thermostat and temperature gauge needed to be replaced.”

The repairs were made but the frozen frustrations continued! More repairmen were sent, more replacement parts installed, but Lorry says her fridge was still stuck in the ice age.

“So they replaced it” she says. “They said OK, it’s not fixable so we’ll replace it. I said I really want my money back, but they said ‘we can’t do that’.”

Lorry’s replacement refrigerator was delivered and installed, but after a few months the icy inconvenience returned. She says the second refrigerator started having the exact same problems as the first and that Frigidaire still refused to refund her money. Instead, they sent her a third fridge.

“You know, about five months later it started icing up again!” she chuckles.

Third refrigerator – same problem. Fed up with getting the freeze-out, and ready to lose her cool, Lorry called Solve It 7. She let us know all she wanted was her money back so she could buy a different product.

Our Solve It team got to work and we took the frozen facts to our legal expert. Bob Harnais says that legally the company ultimately has to give Lorry her money back.

“You have a right under the UCC to say ‘You know what? There’s a warranty for this.’ What’s the warranty? That I can use it for what it’s made for,” he explains. “The company at this point should probably return the money.”

We reached out to Frigidaire’s parent company Electrolux. The representative told us, “Electrolux takes the performance of its products very seriously. We are pleased to have resolved the Connollys’ concerns.”

Lorry received a hand-delivered check, the broken fridge was removed and her newly purchased replacement was installed.

“I like it,” she says, smiling. “I’m very happy with the way everything went. Solve It 7 did a great job!”

We’re glad we were able to close the door on this cold case. If you have a problem that’s left you frozen in your tracks, don’t let it go… you should give us a call at 617-367-7777 or send us an email at

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