Solve It 7: Gift cards

BOSTON (WHDH) - Bonnie Spiegel is a proud grandma. However, she’s learned that picking out the perfect present can be tough!

“I decided this year it was time to buy them gift cards,” she says. “Let them buy what they want.” She bought four Visa gift cards from Walmart totaling nearly $370.

“We’re seniors and we live on a fixed income. So to spend this kind of money was a LOT of money!” she insists.

She was devastated when she discovered that a gift card Grinch had stolen Christmas! When her grandson took his gift on a shopping trip to GameStop, the clerk told him there were only a few dollars left on the card.

“I was mortified,” she recalls, “because I wanted them to be able to spend the card that day, you know, whenever and get whatever they wanted.”

It wasn’t just one bad card. All four gift cards were compromised. Bonnie was furious!

She wanted to figure out who pilfered her presents. First she called Walmart. She says they couldn’t tell her a thing. Then she called the distributor, Green Dot, who said the cards had been used at a McDonald’s and Kohl’s on the west coast. She couldn’t believe it.

“We don’t have any dealings with Pasadena, California – we live in MASSACHUSETTS!” she hollers.

By now, she just wanted her money back. So she called Discover, the credit card she’d used to purchase the gift cards. But they said it was a Visa problem and that they couldn’t help her.

Bonnie had called four different companies, and no one would help. Ready to pull her hair out, Bonnie says that’s when the contacted Solve It 7.

We knew Discover Card has a buyers’ protection plan, so we reached out. Discover told us they would look into the matter and contact Bonnie. In the end, they gave her back the full amount, including the service charges!

We asked her why she called Solve It 7. “Because I see it on TV and it’s great!” she laughs. “Call them! Absolutely, I’m a happy camper now!”

The gift card crisis was solved thanks to our discover about Discovery. A good example of how paying with a credit card definitely has its protection perks. Got an unsolved issue? We’d love to hear all about it. Give us a call at 617-367-7777 or send us an email at

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