Solve It 7: Juicer

(WHDH) — Bernard Washington loves juice.

His passion for pulp started decades ago, but really kicked into high gear about 10 years ago when he was watching TV one day.

He saw an infomercial featuring the famed fitness and nutrition expert Jack Lalanne, who he had always admired. Lalanne was showing off the latest juicer which beared his name and Bernard decided to give it a try.

“My lifestyle in general wasn’t conducive to eating properly,” explains the Boston mail carrier. “But I saw juicing as a way that I could make sure I have my proper nutrients available at all times.”

He’s been hooked ever since.

“I had more energy, definitely more revitalized,” Bernard says. “I just… I felt better.”

But his juicing journey hit a roadblock a little more than a year ago.

“It made this loud sound, like ‘Errrr.’ I didn’t know what it was,” he says. “I just examined it a little closer and it had cracked. The motor had cracked.”

His prized juicer was broken thanks to this motor mishap and it sat unusable on Bernard’s counter for months. Until he was watching TV again and saw another commercial.

“I noticed it said the motor had a lifetime warranty,” Bernard says. “I called and they said, ‘Yes it does!'”

Bernard packed up the juicer and sent it back to the company. A few days later, he went online and confirmed it was received.

“I went [online] and looked again and this time it says ‘order cancelled'” he says.

Shocked by what he saw, Bernard called the company and says the representative told him his order was being processed and he should be receiving it soon. But soon went from weeks to months.

“It’s like, wait a minute,” Bernard says. “You took my juicer, you took my money…I feel like I’ve lost.”

Bernard knew he needed help so he called Solve It 7.

We reached out to the juicer’s parent company and after some digging the representative figured out what happened.

Because of its age, Bernard’s model of juicer had been discontinued. That created an error in the computer system that automatically cancelled his replacement order.

The company rep called Bernard to personally apologize for the confusion. They sent him the latest model juicer along with a free set of copper cookware to make up for the mixup.

“If you see a problem and you can’t handle it and you don’t have the right connections, hey, Solve It 7 will help you,” says Bernard.

And if you need juice recipes, Bernard’s the man to ask. He’s now looking forward to his next juicing journey: potato juice!

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