Solve It 7: Missing Nook Case

Although he’s still in elementary school, Micah St. George is already well on his way to a career in TV News.

He even has a green screen and camera set up in his basement to practice 7News weather forecasts.

“I want to be a news caster when I grow up,” he says. “An anchor!”

This talented 10-year-old fine tunes his future TV aspirations by reading as often as he can. So his mother figured it was time to get him his own e-reader.

“We decided to just get a Nook because it has a camera,” says Micah. “You can research things, it has a timer, a radio. It has all those things.”

Micah and his mom went to Barnes and Noble and bought the Nook. As a bonus, it came with a free case. Micah was excited the case would help protect his new gadget. But, they found out the case was out of stock.

“They put our name down on a list and said they were ordering them,” Micah recalls.

The store employee wrote “Free Case” on the receipt, and Micah says they told them they would be back in stock in a week or two. So after waiting a couple of weeks, the anxious fifth-grader called on his own for an update.

“They said ‘no, they are not in yet’. So I was, like, OK, I’ll call back in couple of weeks to see if they are in.”

Micah kept waiting, and kept calling. His mom even stopped by the store, but after nearly two months and still no case, Micah had a novel idea and knew what to do next.

“I know that you guys solve problems,” he says. “And you’re my favorite news station. So I called you!”

Micah’s mom wasn’t aware her son had called Solve It 7 until we contacted her.

“When I got the phone call, I thought ‘I’m surprised; but I’m not surprised,’” laughs Erika Schluntz. After mom gave us the go-ahead, we took the case.

This one was easy to solve… as soon as we reached out to Barnes and Noble and told them Micah’s problem, they immediately jumped into action. And the very next day Micah received the case he’d been waiting for in the mail. Along with it there was a handwritten note and a $20 gift card!

That put a big smile on this little boy’s face.

“Thank you Solve It 7!” he beams.

Thanks to the company’s noble effort we can now turn the page to our next problem to solve, and it could be yours. Give us a call at 617-367-7777 or send us an email at