Solve It 7: Power lines

BOXFORD, Mass. (WHDH) — “It was love at first sight,” says Gil Sullivan as he looks out over the home he purchased two years ago on picturesque Stiles Pond in Boxford.

Sullivan and his wife always dreamed of life on the water together and with their new home, they thought they had found the perfect spot.

The house and surrounding property needed some work, so the Sullivans got moving.

“Working with the planning committee, zoning committee, in order to have good stewardship over this,” says Sullivan.

He took care of some of the smaller projects, but the major renovations couldn’t move forward because of a power line problem. Low-hanging power lines running right across his driveway; so low that construction vehicles couldn’t get by to do their work.

“The pole has been here for a while,” Gil says. “They started work and never finished. There’s a new transformer that’s not connected to anything.”

An old pole sat right next to a new pole that had no wires running from it.

Gil says he spent the past year calling the power company every few months trying to get the wires moved to the new pole, but no luck.

“Switch the pole and get the wires up so we can finish the play on our project,” he says.

Gil needed help so he reached out to Solve It 7.

“You’ve had a lot of success getting responses,” he says. “Getting action taken, getting things corrected.”

We called the power company and told the representative about Gil’s power line problem. He promised they’d get right on it. Less than a week later, Gil pulled out his cel phone and captured a small army of workers at his home finishing the project.

“I’ll quote the contractor, he said, ‘Well pigs do fly!'” he laughs. “It was amazing.”

And with his renovations back on track, Gil is feeling big-time relief.

“Kris, thanks for everything you did,” he said. “It was awesome that you were able to get this done, very impressed.

“There were multiple people trying to get this done but Solve It 7 was able to get it done in a couple of weeks.”

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