Solve It 7: Projection Problems

BOSTON (WHDH) - At the St. Patrick’s School in Roxbury: old school chalk boards are a thing of the past.

Students at this neighborhood landmark are now learning with high-tech smart boards.

Teacher Tiffany Sawyer loves them.

“It’s an amazing board – and it really helps with learning,” says Tiffany.

But they aren’t cheap! Sawyer and principal Mary Lanata say that each smart board setup costs between $3,000 and $4,000 – and like all things technology – they can break.

So Mary hired a local company to make sure the pricey projectors were always up and running.

“They did a walk through” says Mary. “I was told that two classroom projectors were more than likely to give out within the next few months.”

The cost to fix them – $1,100.

Mary ordered the necessary parts during that walk through back in September of 2015 – so the equipment would be ready to be installed once the projector problems popped up.

And they did – about 6 months later. So Mary called the company.

“I was told they would come  within the next week or so and then they didn’t come, ”Mary told 7News. “So i reached out again. “Oh, there was a problem. We’ll come next week.”

But, another no-show – and the problem continued for months.  Despite countless emails and phone calls from Tiffany and Mary, nobody came to replace the broken projectors .

After 6 months of silence Mary had to hire a different company to fix the units.

And that meant shelling out another 11-hundred dollars.

“I’m an avid viewer of channel 7” says Tiffany  “so I was like I know that they do this.”

After telling us about St. Patrick’s problem , our homework assignment became getting it solved. I spoke with the company’s owner – and he told me that one of his former employees dropped the ball in this case –  and is no longer with the company. He also admitted that he should have personally done more to make sure that the school got its money back  – and promised he would mail out the refund immediately.

Two money orders totaling $1,080 – the entire amount owed.

“Thank you..this never would have happened without your help” Mary says.

“We’re very appreciative, thank you so much,” says Tiffany.

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