Solve It 7: Quilting

TEWKSBURY, Mass. (WHDH) — With a cut here and a stitch there.. Maryann Rossetti spends countless hours in her Tewksbury store putting together these colorful quilted creations.

“I love fabric,” Mary Ann says.

Wanting to share her fascination with fabrics with others, Mary Ann opened “Sew-Together” six years ago and started teaching her craft.

“We have a blast. We have a good time,” she says. “It’s a sisterhood when you get here.”

This past November, one of Maryann’s talented students crafted a Christmas creation and gave it to her as a special gift.

“I love them, they are snowmen. They are blue, it’s my favorite color,” says Maryann, describing the quilt piece.

“So she put a lot of work into this?” asked 7’s Kris Anderson.

“Absolutely, about 30 hours worth of hand stitching,” she replied.

In order to display them for all to see, Maryann decided to transform the hand-stitched blocks into a quilted wall hanging. But to make that happen, she needed help.

“You give the top a piece of batting and a backing and a long-armer takes that and quilts it all three layers together,” Mary Ann explained.

So she reached out to a local man who agreed to do the work and have it back to her in two weeks. Two weeks passed, and Maryann says the man never called. And when she tried calling him, no answer. That went on for six months.

“I just wanted it back,” she says.

So, she called Solve it 7.

“I see it on TV all the time and it works. So, I thought, why not,” says Maryann.

We called the man who was supposed to complete the job. He didn’t answer our phone calls either but we left a message letting him know that we were trying to help Maryann get her quilt back. And apparently he got the message because the very next day…

“It was an express mail envelope with the quilt and the backing,” she says. “He never touched it.”

Maryann had her quilt back.

“I would recommend Solve It 7 to anyone who is having issues, what I couldn’t do in six months on my own you took care of it lickety-split,” Mary Ann laughed.

Maryann is going to hand-quilt the wall hangings on her own now and says they’ll be ready in time for the holidays.

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