Allie McGowan is like most teachers: her life revolves around kids.

“That is the best part of teaching,” says Allie. “When that lightbulb goes off and they’re like ‘Oh!'”

This year has brought Allie and her fellow elementary school teachers even closer together.

“We are a family,” she says. “We’re tight, we’re close, we share everything.”

Including a commitment to their students. Last summer, Allie and her colleagues planned an outdoor drive-thru celebration for students moving on to middle school. To make it extra special, she went online to find matching T-shirts for the teachers to wear.

“It said, ‘I love you all, class dismissed, #quaranteach!'” Allie says.

Allie says when she was ordering the shirts, the website said they’d be delivered a week before the celebration, but right after placing the order the timeframe changed.

But right after placing her order, the time frame changed!

“From the promised date of June 4, it had extended past our June 12th graduation date,” she says.

The order didn’t come until nine days after graduation. Frustrated, Allie sent the shirts back and asked for a refund. The company refused.

“These teachers put their heart and soul into their kids every single day,” says Allie. “To take their money – it’s just not right.”

Allie asked the company to send her back the shirts if she was going to have to pay for them. But she says a company representative told her the shirts may have been destroyed. That’s when she called Solve It 7.

“Basically, you’re left with no shirts and without your money?” asks 7News’s Kris Anderson. “Correct,” says Allie. “We’ll be happy with either.”

We contacted the company and explained this teacher’s troubles. The company looked into the order and soon Allie had a special delivery.

“Look at these beautiful t-shirts that came in!” she says, displaying the nine shirts she had purchased for herself and her fellow teachers.

A uniform reminder of her love for her students.

“Solve It 7 did not give up,” says Allie. “You had determination and perseverance and you were able to pull through for us so we really appreciate it.”

With the pandemic still affecting schools, Allie says they plan on using the shirts to honor this year’s graduating class.

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