A Hingham woman received toll charges for crossing a New York City bridge, but she hadn’t been there.      

Disputing the charges hit dead ends, so she reached out to Solve It 7. 

Aylene Calnan’s old station wagon was on its last legs last June.  

“We had it in for repairs and in the end, it couldn’t be fixed,” said Aylene.   

So, she was stunned when her credit card was charged $750 for out-of-state tolls in June and July.

“I was seeing that some of the charges were $138 to cross the George Washington Bridge in Bew York. First of all, no one had been in New York from our family. Second of all, it is clear that a passenger vehicle would not be charged $138 dollars,” said Aylene.  

Aylene filed an appeal online.    

“I was being charged for a car that didn’t even exist anymore,” said Aylene.  

After E-ZPass asked for proof that she didn’t owe the money, she sent a letter explaining how she could not have been on the road at that time.  

She even tried calling.  

“When you call, you’re on hold for you know, each time it was half an hour, 45 minutes before I could actually speak to a human being. And by this time, I was really at my wits end,” said Aylene.  

After trying to solve the problem for 9 months, she wasn’t getting anywhere.  

“I was really frustrated. They have a 90-day rule, you have to file within 90 days. And they didn’t receive my dispute until December. And I said no. I filed the dispute online in July,” said Aylene.  

Tired of hitting road blocks, Aylene hit up Solve It 7.

“It was actually my husband David, who said you should call Solve It 7,” said Aylene.  

We called E-ZPass and emailed the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.  

A MassDOT spokesperson told us he couldn’t comment on a specific case, but did say someone would reach out to Aylene.  

“Within a week, answers were had, and I was hearing from somebody and an explanation was provided. And I was told that I would in fact, get my money back,” said Aylene.  

Aylene tells us, the E-ZPass system mixed up her car with a commercial truck which has a similar license plate.  

“It just goes in and starts looking for the plate number. And if it comes across mine first, I get whacked with all the charges,” said Aylene.  

Aylene is happy this problem is in her rear-view mirror.  

“Thank you. I would have probably just kept beating my head against the wall…I don’t know if I would have ever gotten anywhere with them,” said Aylene.  

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