Solve It 7: Water treatment

BOSTON (WHDH) - Judi White and her husband got an offer for a home service that sounded very attractive.

“Well it’s a whole house water treatment system and it goes into the basement right where the water comes into the house and it filters the water that goes throughout the whole entire house,” said White. The deal? The company would take care of installation, including two free follow up service inspections.

On installation day things got a little murky. Judi’s husband noticed the tank being installed looked different than the one he remembered seeing in the catalog.

“It was a lot smaller then what was presented to us,” said Judi. It was a half-million gallons of capacity smaller and a completely different unit made by a different manufacturer. “We did not have any forewarning that there would be a switchup in the system.”

The technician told them it was different, but said it was a better brand.

“We were very mad,” said Judi.

Judi called the company repeatedly trying to get an explanation. She sent multiple emails, even a handwritten letter. They eventually got a response! The company representative said they would refund $870. However, the Whites would lose their two service inspections!

“And those were about $500 a piece, so we really felt like well you didn’t save us anything you didn’t help us out at all,” said Judi.

She realized needed help with her H2 oh no – that’s when we contacted “Solve it 7.”

We reached out to the company, and asked the representative why they made the switch. He didn’t offer an explanation but insisted they would make things right. And they did – with a crystal clear new offer.

Judi told 7News, “They gave us $1,000 off of the price of the original unit and they gave us three free technician cleaning appointments instead of taking away the two they had said they were going to do.”

Giving Judi and Joe the oasis of hope they were looking for!

“Thanks for you and your team and for your help with this and helping us get some kind of resolution with this company,” said Judi.

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