Solve it 7: Yahoo Password

Crystal Sirois has to fight back tears every time she reads these emails to her three-year-old daughter, Emma, final messages from a dying grandmother to her young granddaughter.

But they’re letters Crystal thought she might never get to see or share with her daughter.

Crystal’s mother, Karen, couldn’t wait to be a grandmother.

“She was there for her first crawl, she was there for her first word, and she spent most days with her,” Crystal said.

Sadly, only a few months after Emma was born, Karen was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Crystal was devastated.

“I was a first-time mom, and I needed my mom,” she said.

Knowing she wouldn’t have a lot of time to get to know her newborn granddaughter, Karen decided to start writing Emma emails that she could read one day.

“When we did the emails, it was important that she had that few connections with her,” Crystal said.

Crystal created a special Yahoo email account for her mother to send them to.

Sadly, Karen passed away shortly after Emma’s first birthday.

“The last two weeks it was me who sat there. I mean I had an infant. So it was hard,” Crystal said.

After a couple months of healing, Crystal decided she was ready to read her mother’s messages.

But when she tried to lot onto the email account, there was a problem.

“I moved, and when I moved, I lost the password,” Crystal said. “It was written in a notebook, I lost the password.”

Crystal couldn’t remember what it was and says she no longer had the phone number needed to recover the password, so she tried contacting Yahoo.

“I tried customer care, I tried their facebook page, everything, nobody answered,” she said.

Sad, and unsure what to do next, Crystal decided to contact Solve it 7.

It took a lot of searching online, but we were finally able to track down a representative from the company that now owns Yahoo mail.

Eager to help, they asked us for the email address and Crystal’s contact information.

“They called me, they reset it, and I was able to get in,” she said.

Nearly three years after her mother died, Crystal finally got to read some of her last words.

“I cried my eyes out,” she said. “I was at work and I just cried.”

Crystal made a special book so Emma will always know who her grandmother was and how much she loved her.

“She is very much alive in our house,” Crystal said. “Emma says goodnight to her every night, she kisses her picture.”

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