After a New Hampshire woman’s father died, her family expected a large refund from his hospice center.  When the check  failed to arrive, they reached out to  Solve It 7.

Ann’s father, Richard, was always there for her, and loved helping her out.

“He was amazing. He was one of those guys that would do anything for anybody,” Ann said. 

Ann was heartbroken when her dad got sick and was hospitalized last November. 

He had one final request.

“He knew he was dying. So, he just didn’t want to die in the hospital,” Ann said. 

He was moved to a hospice center.  

Ann’s mom paid nearly $42,000 for three months of care.

“My mom wrote the check, got him there,” Ann said. 

Richard passed away a week after he arrived.

“You kind of try to prepare for that. But you can never prepare for the reality of it,” Ann said. 

Ann’s mom received a statement from the hospice center showing that the family was due a $38,000 refund.  

“They said everything would be fully refundable, whatever you didn’t use,” Ann said.

Ann says the hospice center assured them they’d send a check, but it never arrived.

“I just like called and called and called and I always got the same thing. You know, it’s been forwarded to my supervisor. And I just couldn’t get anywhere,” Ann said.

After three months Ann emailed Solve It 7.

 “I see what you guys do. You know, we watched Channel Seven all the time. And, you know, I said, I’m going to try it,” Ann said.

We emailed and phoned the hospice center.  

The very next day we got a call back…and so did Ann.

“He said the check was cut today and I should have it tomorrow because they were going to overnight it. And the check arrived,” Ann said.

Now Ann and her family can find closure and move forward.

“Thank you. I mean, you guys do amazing work,” Ann said.

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