Solve It 7: iPhone issues

When a local woman needed a new phone, she did her homework and found what she thought was a good deal.

But then, she couldn’t get a dial tone and started having problems with her phone, so she called Solve It 7.

“I travel a lot for work an my email’s on my phone, so it’s really important for me,” Samantha Wiles said. “I went online to get a refurbished phone. I’ve done it before.”

Wiles started her online search and found what she was looking for on Game Stop’s website.

“The iPhones are a little bit cheaper than you’d pay for a retail prices,” she said.

Wiles ordered the refurbished phone, making sure it was Verizon compatible. She also paid extra for overnight shipping, totaling nearly $500.

“So, I received the phone and of course I was excited,” she said. “It was an upgrade for me because I had an old phone, and I went ot put in my SIM card. It kept saying it’s a Verizon chip, not
reading, it’s a sprint phone.”

She also called Sprint, but said they could not help either, so she reached out to Game Stop.

She shipped the phone back to the company and confirmed it was delivered.

Since she paid for overnight shipping originally, Samantha figured she would have a new phone the next day. She didn’t and said she spent the next few weeks calling Game Stop.

“They kept making sure ‘Yep it’s coming, it’s coming in the mail,'” she said. “It’s in the mail, it’s coming in the mail. I’m like ‘Okay looking for it at home guys, be on the lookout, yep no phone.'”

After a month of back and forth and still no phone, Wiles realized she needed help.

Solve It 7 reached out to Game Stop’s corporate communications office.

The company representative emailed back, saying they had “identified the error in processing” and that Wiles’ order and the phone she originally ordered was on its way.

A few days later, the package Wiles had been waiting for arrived and this time the phone worked.

“I put in the sim card it said Verizon at the top and I was like oh my gosh finally,” she said.

Game Stop also refunded Wiles the extra shipping costs she paid.

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