A Framingham family says their fridge was keeping food warm instead of cold. Tired of tossing stuff out, they emailed Solve It 7. Brandon Gunnoe has the story.

“I don’t feel any cold air,” Esi said. 

Soon after Esi bought this stainless steel fridge, she noticed a problem. “I asked, “Like, is this fridge working?'”

She says food she and her family put inside seemed to go bad quickly.

“And it’s like, ‘what’s going on?’ it’s no joke. I’ve thrown a whole lot of food away,” Esi said. 

Esi called the fridge manufacturer, who sent a repair man. 

“‘So, what is what might be wrong?'” Esi asked.

“He said, ‘I don’t know,” Esi said.

Esi says he set the temperature of the fridge to 37 degrees. Then put this thermometer inside and left.

“After three hours, I should read the temperature,” Esi said. 

She did and says it was about 43 degrees.

The FDA recommends refrigerator temperatures be “At or below 40 degrees.”

She says she called the manufacturer again.

“The girl said we’re gonna send you a new person to come to your house,” Esi said. 

While she waited, Esi contacted the store where she bought the refrigerator.

“You need to wait because there’s nothing we can do here,” Esi said. 

The store loaned her this mini-fridge.

Then the next repairman came and left.

“He says, ‘You have to turn the fridge of for 48 hours, and after 48 hours to turn it back on, and it will start working,'” Esi said. 

But Esi says that didn’t work.

She called the manufacturer again, asking for a new fridge or her money back.

“And then this girl came and said, ‘They cannot refund your money, or they cannot get you a new refrigerator until a new technician comes to the house and checks the refrigerator,'” Esi said. 

Esi says when that technician never showed up, she emailed Solve It 7. 

We contacted the store, and within hours, a representative called Esi. 

“They apologized; they apologized several times. ‘You can go and then pick any fridge you want,'” Esi said. 

 They picked out this new fridge and are happy to report things are now “chill” in their household.

“Thank you so much, so, so much. I can’t thank Solve It 7 enough,” Esi said. 

The store also sent Esi a check for the food she had to throw away.

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