LYNN, MASS. (WHDH) - A North Shore man was afraid the show would go on without him after encountering ticket trouble. So, he contacted Solve It 7. Brandon Gunnoe has the story.

While Ron McManus was driving near his neighborhood–a billboard caught his eye.

“I was excited,” Ron said.

It advertised the musical: “On Your Feet.”

The story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan.

The show was coming to the Lynn Auditorium.

“I said, ‘I hope I can get tickets to it,'” Ron said.

Ron drove home.

And bought a ticket online

“I love music,” Ron said.

For years, Ron was an accountant by day— and a musician by night – playing bass guitar.

“It was a cover band,” Ron said.

Gloria Estefan’s songs have always been music to his ears.

“There’s certain rhythms that just drag me in,” Ron said.

Ron was sent a link to get his ticket.

“It says, ‘Okay, put in your username and password.’ So, I did. And then they give you a second level of security. They’re gonna send a code to my telephone,” Ron said.

Ron entered his cell phone number.

“‘Nope, we don’t recognize that.’ They gave me a choice of two other numbers, and one was an old cell phone number of mine. And I put that in, and it says, ‘Okay, enter the code that we just sent you.’ I don’t have that phone, so I couldn’t get it,” Ron said.

Ron even called his old number.

“I would hope that someone would answer it, say ‘Hello.’ and I’d say, ‘Yes, I used to own this phone, but I need the authorization code, and if you’d help me out…’ The phone was not in service,” Ron said.

He says he called the ticket company.

“They said, ‘We don’t have the authority to change telephone numbers because it’s part of an authentication, and how do we know it’s you?’ I said, ‘Call me,'” Ron said.

Hoping to “Turn the beat around”

Ron emailed Solve It 7.

“I was surprised how quick the response was,” Ron said.

After we contacted the ticket company, they changed their tune.

A representative called Ron, and he got his ticket.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,” Ron said.

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