(WHDH) — From spin cycle to permanent press, like most of us, Ronny Doyle has done countless loads of laundry over the years.

But this past December, his washer/dryer combo went belly up.

“I didn’t know if I could fix it and it was an older machine, so I figured I’d replace it,” said Doyle.

Doyle needed a stackable machine to fit into the small space. In search of a deal, he went online and found a local appliance shop.

“They said they had that size and said I could order it and have it in a week,” Doyle explained.

The price was right. Doyle used his credit card and paid for the machine.

“They took out $2,600 and emailed me an invoice that said paid in full,” Doyle said.

Then he waited.

“Three days later the sales person called me up and said the machine wouldn’t be in in a week, it would be three weeks,” Doyle recalled. “I said, ‘that’s OK, I’ll still have time to get it in.’ Then he turned around and said it may be six weeks.”

The very next day, he got another phone call, this time from the company’s owner.

“And he said we made a mistake on the price,” Doyle said.

The owner was going to talk to the manufacturer to try and get a good price, Doyle said, but that the machine costs about $1,500 dollars more than what they charged him

“I said, ‘well I paid you in full. I don’t know what to tell you,” Doyle said.

He never heard back from the owner and said he couldn’t get answers when he called the store.

Doyle contacted Solve It 7 and we went to our legal expert.

“Bob, is a purchase receipt considered a contract?” 7’s Kris Anderson asked.

“Yes, the price is set,” Bob Harnais of the New England Bar Association said. “The price you pay is the price you’re going to get it at. You can’t change it around.”

We called the appliance company and the salesperson explained that there was indeed a pricing error, but that the company was going to honor the deal. There was just a delay getting the machine.

He assured us Doyle would get his washer/dryer combo the following week.

“They’ve said this to me many times, ‘It’s gonna come in, It’s gonna come in,’ and you know, here I am, it finally did,” Doyle exclaimed.

Solve It 7 helped wash his problems away.

“I feel Solve It 7 is very powerful. I’m thankful for them to do this for me, otherwise I still wouldn’t have a machine,” Doyle said.

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