CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) - It is a scientific breakthrough that has created waves in the beauty industry. New technology discovered in Cambridge that researchers say can reduce the look of wrinkles and undereye bags in less than a minute.

“Whenever we create new materials my hope is that it will help as many people as possible,” said Dr. Bob Langer.

The so-called ‘Second Skin’ was developed by Living Proof, a Kendall Square hair care company that has Jennifer Aniston as a pitch woman and investor.

“We’re constantly working on new breakthroughs,” said Grace Ray, the CEO of Living Proof.

Living Proof was born in 2004 when world-renowned scientist Dr. Bob Langer joined forces with two partners in an international venture capitalist firm. One of them was Jon Flint.

“We’re always looking for disruptive technologies. Technologies that are really going to bring something different to a particular industry,” Flint said.

As the founders researched the beauty industry, they found more resources going into marketing rather than product development itself. So they decided to bring everything back to the laboratory.

“We recruit scientists from outside the beauty industry like in pharma and biomedical because they know how to think outside the box,” Ray said.

Those scientists, many from MIT, have invented molecules never before used in beauty products.

“We have a tool box of proprietary technology that the rest of the industry doesn’t have access to, and these technologies create results that you can see from across the room,” Ray explained.

As for the second skin technology, Living Proof has created a spin off company, Olivo Labs, that will now work to further develop it for medical purposes.

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