Summer sizzler today. With the 91 degree reading in Boston at 3:07 this afternoon, we chalked up another 90+ day in this warm season. So far, we’ve seen 7 of them this year, with 3 of those coming in the last two weeks! Might have another in the works tomorrow.

Steamy air will be riding a stiff southwest wind all day, so a least we have “ventilation”. Thing is, a cool front will slam into this ventilated, humid airmass in the afternoon, triggering a line of strong storms. Check out the radar forecast for 7pm tomorrow to the right. This is what we call a squall line, and whenever they form the potential exists for torrential rain and damaging wind gusts.

That’s not to say everyone will see that, but if there are nasty storms marching into your area between 2 and 8pm (8-10 SE Mass. and Cape Cod), then take it inside and ride the storm out. In fact, the time to take it in is when you can hear the thunder. Like all storms, the lightning will be vivid and frequent.

Beneficial rains are possible out of this batch of storms, but it may be too much of a good thing. Downpours could relegate most of the water to runoff, missing a prime opportunity to make a dent in this mini drought. I have higher hopes of a soaking rain later this week.

Sunday’s a real gem. Sunny skies, low humidity and a fresh airmass. Can’t get much better for September.

Enjoy the weekend and GO PATS!!!


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