EPPING, N.H. (WHDH) - Cameras, creepy baby dolls and even a few high-tech gadgets were on hand at the Epping, New Hampshire Town Hall Thursday night for a paranormal investigation some say is long overdue.

The 169-year-old building has been on these investigator’s radar for quite a while now but, their interests skyrocketed when a video of a November board of selectmen meeting surfaced.

The video shows the selectmen sitting at a long table inside the auditorium and at one point, a piece of paper appears to lift off that table and move of its own accord.

“I was sitting right there, just looking down and clicking my pen,” Selectman Cody Belanger recalled. “And there was that realization that ‘holy… that page flipped over!”

The town administrator himself has even called for a little back up from police one night after hearing some strange noises.

These among a long list of previous encounters is the reason the investigators were given the go-ahead to try and make contact — at least until morning.

While they are not allowed into any of the offices nor any rooms with Epping records, investigator Mike Patterson said, “everything else is pretty much open and fair game.”

This building has a lot of spooky history.

For example, it used to be a police station and rumor has it back in the 1950s a prisoner died in one of these holding cells

“It’s spooky, creepy,” investigator Mary Sonia said. “It’s got an air about it, it’s heavy.”

But, it takes more than just ghost stories and creepy vibes to convince these experts.

Videos, pictures, and hard evidence are needed to make this a successful investigation.

“I’d love to get a class-A EVP, which is a direct response to the question that you ask,” Sonia said. “Anything to say ‘look what we found.”

The town is not paying for this service.

The investigators said if they find that, the thrill of discovery is all the reward they need.

All if any recorded encounters will be used as teaching tools for future generations.

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