BOSTON (WHDH) - On a bleak October night, a Halloween mystery began brewing in Boston’s South End.

Just as families are displaying their spookiest decorations, a newly purchased Halloween wreath vanished into the night.

“I woke up one morning and it was stolen,” Claudine Tomlin said.

Tomlin moved into her new neighborhood just 10 days ago and said she was ready to celebrate the holiday all month long.

“I am a big Halloween person but this is not a normal thing for me,” she said. “This is my first year living out of college, having a job, spending my own money, so I really wanted to go all out this year.”

She also went all out in her attempt to find that stolen wreath printing more than 100 “missing wreath” flyers and affixing them to every available surface.

“When I see people walking on the street I hand them out,” Tomlin said. “I wanted to make it personal. I wanted them to know that this was also about them and their behavior.”

On the flyer, along with a picture, is a short explanation about why she cannot just replace it and a clincher that is sure to strike fear in the heart of the perpetrator.

It reads, “To the spineless bastard who took it, I am going to find you and make you sorry.”

“I thought about what would make me feel better and the flyers would make me feel better and also serve as an outlet for a little bit of my anger,” Tomlin said.

Leaving no gravestone unturned, she said that even if the wreath does not reappear, she hopes that whoever took it is mortified.

“I think now, my main point is to shame this person, make them feel guilty, make them feel responsible for ruining my favorite holiday.”

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