POLL: How do you feel about Ortiz’s gripe with the scorekeeper?

 As happy as he was about hitting one of two home runs in the Red Sox extra-innings win Wednesday David Ortiz is equally as upset about something else from the game.

In the past Ortiz  has gone off about a scorekeeper short-changing him a hit, or an RBI before.

He was at it again, after a scoring decision cost him a base hit Wednesday.

Papi, ripped a hit down the line toward Joe Mauer who was unable to field it cleanly.

Ortiz reached base but the score keeper ruled it as an error on Mauer instead of a hit for Ortiz.

That didn’t sit well with the sox slugger who glared up at the press box, and repeatedly flashed the thumbs down sign.

After the game, Papi made his case for the hit.

“I’ve been here more than a decade, and the scorekeepers here always horrible. This is home, man. You know what I mean,” Ortiz said.

Now we want to know what you think.

Should Papi shut up, and play or has his track record earned him the right to complain?