Spring is a Fickle Friend

Two variables that are often floating around “up in the air:”  Spring and New England.  Put both of those variables together, and you get “Spring in New England” which comes along with maniacal mood swings by Mother Nature, taking our temps up and then down again.  As much as we would love to enjoy carbon copies of today’s spring-tease, it looks more likely that we have enjoyed the warmest day of March 2015.

I wrote about it in my blog this weekend; the cold is like our in-laws that just can’t stay away.  The cold that took a brief vacation is back in the forecast tomorrow.  High pressure is building in, which is good news because it will ensure we get to enjoy sunshine for a couple of days, but it’s also helping to drive in colder air from the north.  Our highs in the mid to upper 50s today, turn to mid to upper 30s tomorrow.  

That news will undoubtedly get many jeers – but I always say, “It’s all about perspective.”  Remember how nice 38 felt last week in bright sunshine?  If you compare tomorrow’s weather to today’s weather, you will likely be disappointed (high expectations).  If you compare tomorrow’s weather to last Friday’s weather (a high of 24 degrees), then you’ll stop making plans to move to Florida!  It looks like cooler temps will be sticking around through the rest of the month, but it will NOT be as cold as February.  We’re still in for relief from bitter cold.  No more of that.

Overnight tonight, temps in the suburbs will fall below freezing.  Watch out for ice on the driveway and sidewalks tomorrow morning.  Thursday will be sunny with a NW breeze, 10-15mph, which will make it feel chilly.  Friday, the sun is still with us but temps will top out in the 30s. 

It’s a big weekend ahead, no doubt.  I may be new-ish to the area, but I know what a big deal the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is!  Luckily, we get the bulk of the wet weather out of the way on Saturday… and, even better news, it looks like more “wet” than “white!”  As the moisture works in on Saturday morning, there may be some areas that see a few snowflakes (north of Rt. 2) and/or freezing rain (ice) early on… but temps will rise into the low 40s and we’re looking at a primarily wet day.  Some of this moisture will linger into Sunday, but as I said, the worst is over.  With that said, it’s also cooler on Sunday which means a few snow showers.  Still go and enjoy the parade, just pack your green hat (and scarf).  – Bri