Spring Storm!

Without knowing the date & only scanning the maps this afternoon, it looks more like a storm affecting the east coast you would find in late March or April…not late February. Granted, we did have a lil snow last evening but the wintry concern has faded (along with the snow itself) and now we shift our attention to rain & wind.

This storm will sweep up across New England overnight & tomorrow with rain & wind. The storm has had a history of severe thunderstorms the past couple of days but thankfully it will weaken a bit as it moves through. Even tho this storm weakens it still has a lot of wind energy & like a cranking a bicycle wheel then stopping—the wheel will keep spinning even after you stop spinning it–this storm will still generate wind. Wind will gust late tonight and tomorrow (at times) between 40-55 mph. This type of wind is strong enough to snap small tree limbs and possible lead to minor power disruption. As for the rain, it is with us tonight but quickly out of here by 7am tomorrow with a mix of clouds & sun. Despite a February storm we have warm air on tap for tomorrow–starting the day near 60 (with humidity) and then slowly falling through the 50s during the afternoon.

Quiet weather and February weather returns for Friday & Saturday….sunshine with temps near 40 each day. The 50s make a return by Sunday. More like spring!.