Spring Storms to Spring Snow

I hope you haven’t put the heavy coat away just yet!  I do realize it was around 70° today.  I too have seen the daffodils blooming all over the place.  It’s just… I’ve been stuck with the task of being the messenger… That is to say, I need to prepare you for what’s to come.  It’s my job.  So, here we go with the dramatic changes to our forecast:

This afternoon and evening we’ve been tracking springtime thunderstorms along a cold front moving through.  The potential for an isolated shower or storm will diminish past about 7-8pm.  The front moves off shore overnight tonight, and behind it will be some cooler air.  Only, this front will really just take our temps closer to "normal" for this time of year.  Temperatures tomorrow don’t move a whole lot in either direction, as we stay right around 50 through the daylight hours.  That same front will stall just to our east, and along it will come a wave of energy to bring us some wet weather.  Widespread rain showers are expected through much of the day tomorrow, with maybe some breaks of sunshine in the afternoon.  

The second front that moves through on Saturday night is the front that really means business.  This arctic front will usher in the return of winter, and along with it… some snow.  I know what you’re thinking, "This is an April Fool’s joke, right?!"  I wish it were.  However, this time of year it is really difficult to get the snow to accumulate.  The ground is warm and will be melting the snow off as the snow is falling.  The one catch would be if we can get it to snow hard enough, fast enough… and then we could pick up a couple of inches of snow.  You know what?  My recommendation would be to just sleep-in on Sunday morning.  Then, maybe you’ll miss this completely and you can go on pretending that it’s still spring (if you stay inside all day, as winds will be blustery and COLD)!

Remember when it was 69 degrees on Christmas Eve?  Okay, now HOLD ON TO THAT THOUGHT.  Because, there looks to be another round of snow on the way Monday.  Details aren’t nailed down on this one yet, but if I had to call it now I would say another "couple of inches" of snow could be in the cards for us.  So, now that you’re crying while you’re reading this blog, you’re probably wondering how long the cold sticks around?!  Looks like it stays unseasonably cold through much of the next week.  We may start to see a rebound in temps on Friday, but it might be followed by another shot of cold next weekend.  Hang in there.  – Breezy