Spring Sunshine

It definitely felt more like April or May than February today!  In fact, my #TimeHop app reminded me that a year ago I composed a tweet that read: "It’s funny how 15° doesn’t hurt anymore… once your soul is frozen."  WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES!  Not to mention, what a difference a WEEK makes!  It was just last weekend that record cold temps were in my forecast, and then today Boston topped out at 60° – just 8° shy of the record high for today.  Ahhh-mazing.  I will admit, the temperatures did overachieve what I was thinking last night, but I wasn’t expecting so much sunshine today (I thought the clouds would hang around).  The sun angle is getting higher, and we’re finally starting to benefit from the heat of the sun!  

It’s another mild day for us tomorrow – though not as mild as today.  After a warm front generally follows a cold front, and that’s the set up we’re in now.  However, this "cold front" is more of a "cool front" and the colder air doesn’t settle in right away.  Under partly cloudy skies, I think most spots will top out around 50° tomorrow.  That’s still 10 degrees above "normal" for this time of year.  Enjoy.

Late tomorrow, there is a sneaky-stinker-of-a-system skirting off to our south.  Latest forecast models are showing most of that staying to our south.  I give it about a 30% chance of grazing the South Coast, Cape and islands late tomorrow night, into very early Monday morning (read, "around midnight").  Temperatures are just above the freezing mark, so there’s a chance some wet snow and/or sleet could mix in here – but I don’t see it causing problems for the Monday morning commute.  It all clears by about 2am anyway.

Okay, so let’s be honest.  The only reason you’re reading this blog right now is to find out what’s up with the middle of next week.  Am I right?  That seems to have been the talk of the town for a few days now – but I gotta tell you, the forecast has changed up quite a bit since last night.  Until today, I was thinking more of a rain/snow/messy/wintry mix for Wednesday – and as of today, I’m thinking an ALL rain and wind event for THURSDAY!  The track seems to be trending more to the west, which would put us on the warm side of this storm – meaning WET, rather than WHITE.  This still could change as we fine-tune the details in the next couple of days.  However, I’ll tell you that it’s not going to be a big snow-maker for us.  Does that mean we can call it a day on winter?  NO!  Anything can happen, as we all know.  While it does get less likely to see BIG snow events as the month of March marches on – it’s still in the cards.  Remember April 1-2, 1997???  Anything can happen.

Have a great Sunday!  – Breezy