So this is the amazing spring weather everyone endures winter for!  It was a gorgeous start to the weekend all across southern New England, and the wrap-up of the weekend isn’t half bad either.

No kidding, last night was the first time I have ever been down to the Esplanade.  Wowza.  This place is incredible.  Now I completely understand why Pete, JR and Chris would console my frozen tears during the harsh winter with colorful stories of a more beautiful season.  Spring has finally sprung.

Something that I’m learning to get used to myself is the sea breeze, and how much of an effect it has on our daily highs.  Today was a great example of an extreme temperature spread; the high for Boston was 60, but once the cool air came in off of the water our temps fell and ended up in the upper 40s for the afternoon.  If you had the pleasure of spending the day west of 495, highs were in the low 70s, and stayed there well into the evening! 

A dry cold front will bring cooler temps for Sunday, but again, not half bad.  We all get to enjoy abundant sunshine, and highs will be in the low 60s inland, with coastal locations closer to the low 50s.  Once again, it’s that darn sea breeze keeping the coast cooler.  We can curse it now but it will be a wonderful relief during the summer heat!

Clouds move in overnight Sunday, and Monday is quite tricky.  Not the best conditions for running for multiple hours, but our runners are tough.  Boston Strong!  As a runner myself (but never a full marathon runner) I would say that heat is a runner’s worst enemy.  It may be raw, wet and cool on Marathon Monday – but upper 40s to 50 degrees is perfect for the long haul of 26.2 miles.  Sprinkles could work into the picture in the late morning hours, but the real rain will hold off until afternoon.  Through the rest of Monday, I expect around 0.50″ for most locations and into Tuesday those rain totals will bump up to between 1.00″-1.50″.  Monday’s rain also comes along with a breeze – which isn’t ideal… but hey, it’s not snowing, right?!  After a day like today, my glass is definitely half-full.

We slip into a cooler pattern next week, but it looks mostly dry.  Despite a few pop up showers that could work through Thurs, Friday, and even Saturday… I don’t see a prolonged wet period this week past Monday/Tuesday.

I’ve seen a lot of unicorns running around Boston this weekend.  I can’t wait to experience this memorable day that is Marathon Monday.  Boston Strong!

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