Spring Takes 5

Folks are ready to turn the page. These mild runs in the mid/upper 50s are getting people anxious. I’m getting questions like, “Is spring coming at all this year?” And, “Will we just go straight to summer?” Legitimate questions given these teases in recent days. Seems that each time we get close, it slips away.

Let me put it to you straight. Spring is coming, it’s just having a hard time establishing itself because of the pattern and the deep snowpack (and frozen lakes) across the Great Lakes and Northeast. That’s a huge mass of ice that reflects the warm March sun (very efficiently, I might add) and needs to melt before we can get to the brown ground (which readily absorbs the sun’s heat).

The next two days are more mid-winter than mid-March. Highs that struggle through the 20s with wind chills that cut right through. From midweek on, however, the winds turn and the warmth surges back. And this time it should last for more than one day.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.