Springtime In New England

Except for some clouds in our sky around mid day & the afternoon, we have another nice early spring day…especially if you live away from the ocean.  Early spring can be frustrating for coastal residents with that dang sea breeze. The ocean runs cold even though we have swapped out seasons (water always takes longer to heat up) and in this early spring that ocean is mighty cold…latest water temp in Boston harbor sitting at 37 degrees. That air will heat up quickly along the coast and the warmer air rises. Soo…that means air has to be replaced and guess where it comes from? You got it–the chilly ocean air rushes into coastal cities & towns (our *special* map in the maps section paints this picture quite well). In early spring that sea breeze can make it all the way out to the I-495 corridor but by late summer it won’t even make it to Fenway.

This early spring pattern will repeat itself tomorrow and again on Friday. Tomorrow will be mainly sunny while Friday will offer a lot of clouds. It’s stays dry out at Fenway Friday afternoon but showers will sweep across all of New England late Friday night & early Saturday morning. That’s our next real weather system and it’s a fast mover. That means we will quickly move the rain showers (less than .50″ of rain) & clouds out of here on Saturday morning and also have a nice westerly breeze develop on Saturday. That westerly breeze will keep the chilly ocean air away from the coast so Boston, Beverly & Plymouth can join the early spring fun as daytime temps reach the low 60s.