NEWINGTON, Conn. (NBC) — Christmas may be over but the spirit of giving is alive at a Starbucks in Connecticut, more than 700 customers have continued to 'pay it forward' since Christmas Eve.

"I just think it's cool that total strangers are willing to say hey i'm going to pay for the car behind me,” Anne Dunne, a customer, said.

Dunne and Jonathon Parker are visiting from out of town, they got a nice welcome to Connecticut.

"I think it shows people do care and love for one another and in a simple act it's pretty marvelous,” Parker said.

The random act of kindness started when one customer unexpectedly paid for the next person in line; now a movement of generosity and good cheer.

"It's a nice thing to do it's nice to get a coffee and help out people as well,” Steve Erickson said.

It may be a recording breaking pay it forward drive-thru movement as the number of customers participating passed 700.

Starbucks says it'll keep up the chain as long as customers wish to participate, ensuring the holiday spirit will live on past the holidays.

“Do something nice for somebody. If it's here fine, if it's somewhere else just do something nice for somebody it'll come back to you,” Heather Fontaine said.

As of last night 765 customers at this particular Starbucks location have paid it forward.

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