We’re on the eve of another weekend and the weather gods are still smiling. Check these weekend weather numbers our weather producer, Mike (@wxmike3377) put together:

*Since May 1st there have been 22 weekend days (2 holidays inc.)….of those 22 days, 16 of them have been loaded with sunshine.

*Since Memorial Day weekend, there have been 15 weekend days, only 3 of them have seen rain (1 since June 1st).

Amazing and rewarding after the brutal winter/early spring we had. The good news is we can tack on 2 more days to all those stats as high pressure that noses into New England this morning is with us for most of the weekend. Today & Saturday are loaded with sunshine (Cape clouds this AM fade away), comfortable temps & low humidity. Ideal for the beaches, pools, golf courses and a tour of the harbor islands.

Sunday is dry but I don’t think it’s quite as bright. That High Pressure won’t be able to stay the entire weekend which means our next weather system (warm front) begins to approach by afternoon. This front won’t be able to pop showers but it will spill clouds across the sky Sunday afternoon. Still dry though..decent day for outdoor activities.

 This front is tied to a slow moving storm that will spend some time with us for the start of next week. This means 2-3 days of high humidity, warm temps as well as showers & t-storms–some of which may be loaded with tropical moisture.

Enjoy that nice weather this weekend, might not return until late next week/weekend!


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