With temps climbing into the lower 50s yesterday afternoon, it was more like late March/early April rather than late January.  For those of you liking the milder weather, the pattern is in your favor the next 7 days as no major cold and no major snowstorms are on the horizon. For those that want the cold and snow… the pattern returns to that potential by the 2nd week of February with the cold arriving first, late in the first week of the month.

While some of that milder air lingers this morning with temps starting the day off near 40 degrees, the mercury won’t change much through the day.  We’ll drop a few degrees by mid morning, only to gain back those few degrees by early afternoon.  The breeze is busy, gusting 20-30mph at times. 

We’ll keep somewhat cooler air in place through Saturday, meaning highs in the upper 30s and lower 40s.  While I don’t expect any significant storms, we will catch a few flurries and snow showers Friday and perhaps again across far northern Mass and southern NH on Saturday afternoon.  That Saturday afternoon stuff is with a warm front.  The other side of that warm front pushes temps toward 50 on Sunday and 55 on Monday! 

Backyard skating rinks will hurt into the weekend, but ski slopes should fair ok as snow making resumes each night.  Comfortable temps extend through the weekend, so if you’re heading north to ski, temps run in the 30s at the base on Saturday and near 40 Sunday. 

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