State budget included $1M for controversial treatment

CRANSTON, R.I. (AP) — House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello’s leadership team has put $1 million into the state budget for a Cranston chiropractor, despite the governor’s opposition and a top federal official’s skepticism about his work.

WPRI-TV reports that the chiropractor, Victor Pedro, is an advocate of a treatment program called cortical integrative therapy, or CIT, used to treat brain injuries and disorders.

Medical experts have repeatedly expressed doubts about CIT and Pedro requires payment in cash or checks only as it is not covered by most group health insurance plans.

But a spokesman for Mattiello, a Democrat, defended the proposed funding.

Larry Berman says Mattiello thinks the state should be committed to providing appropriate resources to a program offering unique care and treatment in difficult cases.

Pedro and Mattiello’s relationship goes back several years.

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