The state is accepting low-number license plate lottery applications until Aug. 27, with the winners to be selected during a Sept. 8 livestreamed drawing.

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles announced the opening of its application period Tuesday.

Plates available this year include F1, X69, Y44 and Z24, as well as 210, 309, 5580 and 7000.

In all, there are 200 plates available.

It’s free to apply, but winners will need to pay a special plate fee, as well as a standard plate registration fee. The fees would include $20 for swapping license plates and $40 for a special plate fee.

When the license plates are renewed there would be a $100 renewal fee: $60 for the registration and $40 for the special plate fee.

The Registry has a list of this year’s available plates on its website, as well as an explanation of lottery rules and eligibility.

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