State prepares for large hit of snow Tuesday

BOSTON (WHDH) - The third week in March and Winter is proving it’s still here and marking it’s territory.

2-4 inches of snow is expected to fall per hour most of the day and that means as soon as the flakes are removed they’ll immediately be replaced.

“With heavy winds and snow falling at this rapid pace, travelling the roads will be dangerous,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “Stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary. We strongly encourage other employers to let staffers work from home to avoid dangerous driving conditions.”

12 inches of snow is forecast across the state with even more in Central Massachusetts.

The MBTA will use the first of it’s kind, compact truck loader, invented after the blizzard of 2015, to keep tracks from getting snowed under.

It also plans to pull out ‘Snowzilla,’ it’s massive snowblower that melts snow as it moves along the rails.

While the mayor says 700 plus pieces of snow removal equipment is ready to roll he admits that huge storms like Tuesday’s are blowing up the budget.

“We have 23 million in our snow budget,” said Walsh. “We will have roughly 5 million left which will get us through this storm without having to look at possibly dipping into reserves.”

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