Status Quo…then Oh!

Despite a limited amount of sun, we did all right with the temperatures today. Mid 30s? About where we should be for this time of year.

It’s an active pattern with a few chances at accumulating snow in the next week to ten days. Is there a possibility we come out of this completely unscathed? You have a better chance of bringing back the pantsuit.

First up is this non event tomorrow afternoon and eve. Likely to be more of a cloud maker than anything. Just too weak to string together any semblance of a snow event. Nonetheless, there may be a flare up of ocean-effect snow tomorrow night along the coast. I’m not too hung up on this feature, so if it comes, it comes.

We’ll keep quiet through early Saturday, then that storm that appeared to miss us yesterday now appears to rub up against us Saturday night. Many are calling it a coastal storm and some are calling it a nor’easter. Both apply here and I don’t want to let my guard down. If the rub turns into a lean, we will probably see more snow back to outer Rt. 2 and the rain line pushing to I-95, but at this point, I’m seeing what appears in the map to the right. And although I’m not ready to put down snow amounts just yet, my thinking is less than 6″ for those that stay mostly snow.

In the longer range – ala next week – the Monday timeframe looks good for a storm…or maybe not. Still uncertain of the time and structure of next week’s potential. One moment it seems like a hit, then 6 hours later it’s gone. We’ll let the pattern settle down before we make a definitive call.