The Dish: Steak and Cheese

The Restaurant: Stadium (Waltham)

Stadium Sports Bar Signature Steak and Cheese


–5oz Prime, shaved, Montreal seasoned steak

–1.5 oz sliced green and red pepper

–1 oz sliced Spanish onion

–1oz Sliced mushrooms

–2 slices white American cheese

–.5 oz shredded American cheese

–8in sub roll


–Mix seasoned steak, onions, peppers, and mushrooms and place on preheated flat-top.

–Cook until steak is browned and the vegetables have been caramelized.

–While filling is cooking, toast roll on flat top until golden brown.

–Once toasted place two slices of white American on roll and place cooked filling over cheese.

–Sprinkle shredded American over entire sandwich and finish in oven until cheese is melted.

–Serve with your choice of sides and a cold Grand Slam Ale.

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