Steelers coach apologizes for profane remarks about Patriots, says Antonio Brown will be punished

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin regrets the language he used to describe the New England Patriots but is equally upset with wide receiver Antonio Brown’s for live streaming Tomlin’s postgame speech on social media.

WATCH: Steelers player live streams coach’s remarks about Patriots

Tomlin called Brown’s decision to stream more than 15 minutes of Pittsburgh’s giddy locker room after a playoff victory over Kansas City “foolish” and “selfish.”

The coach added the All-Pro wide receiver will be punished “swiftly” but added Brown will be available for Sunday’s AFC championship game against the Patriots.

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Brown’s video was viewed more than 900,000 times before being taken down. In it, Tomlin can be heard using several expletives, including one directed at New England because the Patriots will have an extra day of preparation by virtue of beating Houston on Saturday, a full 24 hours before Pittsburgh ousted the Chiefs.

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