HOLDEN, MASS. (WHDH) - “Mooove” aside and make way for the herd!

Holden homeowners say they were stunned when they looked out their windows Wednesday to see their neighborhood transformed into a cattle call.

“I was just sitting in the kitchen having coffee and I saw something move and I looked out the window and I couldn’t believe what I saw,” said Connie Hamilton whose Causeway street home was visited by more than 60 wayward bovines.

“They went down next to the barn and one of them went into the back yard where we have a pool and went for a swim,” she told 7NEWS.

The tarp to cover her pool was ripped when one of the cows got stuck.

“It was pretty funny but they did make a mess,” said George Hamilton. “Cows – if you put them together in one area – you can imagine what happens.”

The animals escaped from the Lilac Hedge Farm which sits about a mile away from the Hamiltons’ home.

Management at the farm said it is likely that a trespasser unclipped the gate to their pasture overnight.

“I think it was probably an honest mistake -it’s an unfortunate one and our insurance agent isn’t thrilled with that,” said the farm’s general manager Heidi Cooper.

Fortunately, the cows did not milk their newfound freedom and it did not take long for the farmers to wrangle them.

Though the Hamiltons had quite the mess to clean up, they say they are glad Bessie and her friends all made it home.

“We are glad the cows are back home and we are here and the house is in one piece and all is well,” Connie said.

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